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    Art Brokerage: Courvoisier Disney Cels: In 1937, Courvoisier Galleries gave Disney animation art the magic touch it needed to be considered fine art. It was no longer seen as pictures for a child's room. With the help of the Courvoisiers and their marketing know-how, Disney art had climbed the fine art ladder to become welcome additions to museums, galleries, and public and private collections worldwide. What made the artwork Courvoisier sold so unique was the style and manner in which the Disney Studios artists prepared it. The special backgrounds drawn and painted and the unique and interesting materials employed in its preparation showed the character images off to their best advantage. At that time, too, the Art Deco style was new and fresh and its influence can be seen in almost every piece of artwork prepared at Disney for sale through Courvoisier Galleries. Walt Disney Courvosier cells wanted.

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Great Mouse Detective - Ratigan  and  Olivia 1986 Limited Edition Print - Courvoisier Disney Cels

Courvoisier Disney Cels

Great Mouse Detective - Ratigan and Olivia 1986

Limited Edition Print: Handpainted Animation Cel, Hand Signed, Not Numbered

Size: 10x14 in  | 25x36 cm
🔥Framed Hand Painted Animation Cel
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Wanted: Courvoisier Disney Cels

Original Animation Cels


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