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"DJ Richie Rich Drawing 2015 9x12" by MiMo - 🔥Mixed Media Drawing
DJ Richie Rich Drawing 2015 9x12 Drawing by  MiMo
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DJ Richie Rich Drawing 2015 9x12 Drawing by  MiMo - 0
DJ Richie Rich Drawing 2015 9x12 Drawing by  MiMo - 1
DJ Richie Rich Drawing 2015 9x12 Drawing by  MiMo - 2
DJ Richie Rich Drawing 2015 9x12 Drawing by  MiMo - 3
DJ Richie Rich Drawing 2015 9x12 Drawing by  MiMo - 4
DJ Richie Rich Drawing 2015 9x12 Drawing by  MiMo - 5
DJ Richie Rich Drawing 2015 9x12 Drawing by  MiMo - 6
DJ Richie Rich Drawing 2015 9x12 Drawing by  MiMo - 7
DJ Richie Rich Drawing 2015 9x12 Drawing by  MiMo - 8

DJ Richie Rich Drawing 2015 9x12


Drawing : Mixed Media on Spiral Artist Pad
Size : 9x12 in  |  23x30 cm

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Hand SignedCursive And Tag Signed 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromArtist 2018 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


MiMo - United States

Art Brokerage: MiMo American Graffiti Artist: Mike Mozart aka MiMo is an illustrator for over 30 years, specializing in creating some of the most recognizable kid characters for many corporations. He has been published in over 100 kid books and was also one of the first live YouTube broadcasters from "Occupy Wall Street" rallies in New York City. Mike gained prominence through his JeepersMedia brand and his channel titled "TheToyChannel", but not too many folks have ever heard of the artist "MiMo" which is Mike's moniker as a graffiti/street artist. Many collectors credit Mike Mozart as a mentor to Alec Monopoly. Mozart remembers the day he met Alec at a video production studio in Beverly Hills. Mozart has revealed that he has worked on hundreds of projects in collaboration with Alec Monopoly, varying in theme, and that some of the original drawings given to Alec in that first meeting helped brand and skyrocket his artist persona. He says, "the Monopoly Man on a Cross", one of Alec's most notable pieces, was among the earlier bunch give to Alec. He sent him a link to a folder containing hundreds of drawings and ideas that were the inspiration for tons of other Alec Monopoly pieces. Listings wanted.

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