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"AD 2100 Melania Cruising the Emerald Seas 2022 44x44" by RO | RO - 🔥Huge Framed Digital Media - Inquire
AD 2100 Melania Cruising the Emerald Seas 2022 44x44 Original Painting by  RO | RO
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AD 2100 Melania Cruising the Emerald Seas 2022 44x44 Original Painting by  RO | RO - 0
AD 2100 Melania Cruising the Emerald Seas 2022 44x44 Original Painting by  RO | RO - 1
AD 2100 Melania Cruising the Emerald Seas 2022 44x44 Original Painting by  RO | RO - 2

AD 2100 Melania Cruising the Emerald Seas 2022 44x44


Original Painting : Digital Media on Acrylic
Size : 42x42 in  |  107x107 cm
Framed : 44x44 in  |  112x112 cm

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Hand SignedLower Right 

Condition Excellent 

Framed without GlassChrome Plated Wood Frame 

Purchased fromArtist 2022 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


RO | RO - Austria

Art Brokerage: RO | RO Austrian Artist: b. 1964. RO | RO born 1964 in Austria has dedicated his entire life to the artistic spheres of Modern Art that in particular from a futuristic and visionary point of view is to him utmost appealing. The European Poet, Writer, Painter, and Digital Artist has dedicated his artistic works to the meaningful images of an utmost concerning future human extinct future. The Philosopher and Poet analytically explores the scenario of AI eradicating Human kind and to replace their earthly existence with Female Cyborg splendor. As men have been the main cause for destruction and killings and used religion, politics, and world domination agendas to employ AI and its broad surveillance and control powers such AI technology matrix ultimately recognized that the continued presence of men will ultimately again lead to extensive power battles and associated acts of violence. The Images of Future are therefore the very essence of any and all RO | RO Fine Art creations. The Images of the past have been replaced with a new luminous reality that is just a few years away from us and that is leaving Metaphorically speaking a consequential legacy that is to RO | RO ‘s genuine concern. RO | RO Robots are Emerald Illuminated beautiful Females of charismatic eroticism and their delightful stories which are within the context of RO | RO art so passionately illustrated undoubtedly awaken in everyone important visuals of imagination and subsequent subject engagement which is by the artist intended. The highly detailed expensive Artworks live within the space where light and shadow elegantly meet and no one can in truth Escape the RO | RO magic of futuristic excellence as their irresistible appeal rests within the context of their unique aesthetics andrn their meaningful essence. RO | RO Holographic, Digital, 3D, Installation Art, and Humanoid Sculptural creations will shape a new elevated Dimension of Modern Art that has clearly distanced itself entirely from any and all conventional Picasso, Monet, Rauschenberg and Warhol artistic styles that from RO | RO's position have by now outlived themselves even though still many living artists employ their traditional techniques. Early works wanted.

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