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    Art Brokerage: A. R. Penk, Ralf Winkler - Blue Chip German Artist: b. 1939. Ralf Winkler, alias A.R. Penck (born 5 October 1939) is a German painter, printmaker and sculptor. He was born in Dresden, Germany, and studied together with a group of other neo-expressionist painters in Dresden. He became one of the foremost exponents of the new figuration alongside Jorg Immendorff, Georg Baselitz and Markus Lipertz. Under the East German communist regime, they were watched by the secret police and were considered dissidents. In the late 1970s they were included in shows in West Berlin and were seen as exponents of free speech in the East. Their work was shown by major museums and galleries in the West throughout the 1980s. They were included in a number of important shows including the famous Zeitgeist exhibition in the well-known Martin Gropius Bau museum and the important New Art show at the Tate in 1983. Penck's sculptures, though less familiar, evoke the same primitive themes as his paintings and drawings and use common everyday materials such as wood, bottles, cardboard boxes, tin cans, masking tape, tinfoil, wire and are crudely painted and assembled. Despite the anti-art aesthetic the rough and ready quality of their construction, they have the same symbolic, archetypal anthropomorphic forms as his flat symbolic paintings. The paintings are influenced by Paul Klee's work and mix the flatness of Egyptian or Mayan writing with the crudity of the late black paintings by Jackson Pollock. The sculptures are often reminiscent of the stone heads of Easter Island and other Oceanic art. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Untitled Figurative Abstract 1981 29x35  Original Painting - A. R. Penck NEW

A. R. Penck

Untitled Figurative Abstract 1981 29x35

Original Painting: Gouache on Paper, Hand Signed

Size: 20x26 in  | 51x66 cm
🔥1981 Framed Gouache - Inquire
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