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"Red Ballerina " by Aldo Luongo - Framed Serigraph $1,995
Red Ballerina   Limited Edition Print by Aldo Luongo
Red Ballerina   Limited Edition Print by Aldo Luongo - 0
Red Ballerina   Limited Edition Print by Aldo Luongo - 1
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Aldo Luongo

"Red Ballerina "

Hand Signed : Pencil Lower Right
Condition : Excellent
Framed with Glass : Wood Frame With Non Glare Glass
Purchased from : Dealer
Provenance / History :
Story / Additional Info :
Certificate of Authenticity : Scala Editions, Inc
LID : 144484
Aldo Luongo - Argentina

Art Brokerage: Aldo Luongo Argentine Artist: B. 1940 - Argentine and California Impressionist, Aldo Luongo's paintings embody a sense of fluidity and intensity, the results of a true artist engaged in a passionate process of creation. Whether he is portraying a romantic enclave, a frenzied sporting event, or a richly textured landscape, central to all of Luongo's paintings is the balance between memory and hope, sorrow and humor, freedom and control. These dynamics are clearly seen in Aldo Luongo's figurative works, especially those portraying the "Hawk," his archetypal character spun from the memory of his father and Luongo's discovery of his future self. The most enduring single image in the paintings of Aldo Luongo is that of "The Hawk." The Hawk is a character who has evolved throughout Luongo's career, and is his single most meaningful symbol. Art Brokerage can arrange a commission of you, your significant other or family portrait. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.