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"Quality 2012 39 in" by Alejandro Diaz - Must Sell - New Listing $5,500
  • Quality 2012 39 in Sculpture by Alejandro Diaz
    Quality 2012 39 in Sculpture by Alejandro Diaz - 0
    Quality 2012 39 in Sculpture by Alejandro Diaz - 1
  • "Quality 2012 39 in"


    Alejandro Diaz

    Neon Sculpture With Reostat

    Size: 39x10 x4 in  |  99x25x10 cm

    Edition: From the edition of 10

    Other : Signed Artist Certificate
    Condition: Excellent
    Purchased from : Artist 2012
    Provenance / History : From the Artist RISD museum exhibition
    Story / Additional Info :
    Certificate of Authenticity : Artist
    LID : 136548
    Alejandro Diaz

    Art Brokerage is interested in listing any Alejandro Diaz artworks for sale. We have buyers today. Alejandro Diaz creative practice evolved from painting simple portraits of family and friends to these more elaborate and layered images, drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as modern pop culture references and old European master painting. Diaz endeavors to tell a story with his paintings, but one that is inconclusive and open to interpretation. In 2010 Diaz won the Kobes Art Foundation Award. Alejandro Diaz cleverly explores the boundaries of race and class by merging humor, urban imagery, products, folk art, fine art, and advertising. His conceptual and campy cardboard signs, which he made and sold on the streets of Manhattan, earned him an international reputation. They are emblematic of his recurrent use of everyday materials, his humor infused politics, and his ongoing involvement with art as a form of entertainment, activism, public intervention, and free enterprise. From these humble, hand written signs to his glamorous works in neon, from his oversized cans of beans and corn to his witty, appropriations of many of contemporary arts greatest hits, Diaz continues to challenge the preconceived notions of culture, society and status. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.