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"Santa Comes To New York" by Alexander Chen - Perfect For The Holidays - Well Priced $2,500
Santa Comes To New York Limited Edition Print by Alexander Chen
Santa Comes To New York Limited Edition Print by Alexander Chen - 0
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Alexander Chen

"Santa Comes To New York"

Hand Signed
Condition : Mint
Not Framed
Story / Additional Info : Private Collector.
Certificate of Authenticity : Tom Binder Fine Arts/Alexander's World
LID : 17148
Alexander Chen - China

Art Brokerage: Alexander Chen Chinese Artist: b.1952. Alexander Chen, an ordinary man with an extraordinary vision and talent, was born in Canton China in 1952. Alexander began drawing as a child developing his craft as he moved through the many changes that came into his life. At age 16, he moved to the countryside where for the next four years he worked as a farmer, all the while continuing to record in his art the world as it evolved before him. Then for six years he worked for an on the road theater, painting stage backgrounds. Alexander's paintings successfully capture perspectives others miss or cannot see. Chen spends as much as two months to complete many of his major works, all of which become, part of his Collectible Memories series. These are gifts to Chen adopted land, things of beauty to be shared by all in appreciation of being given the opportunity to live a life he could only have dreamed of as a child. Listings wanted.