"Melon Salesman And Fidler At a Marketplace in Scott, Mississippi" by Alfred Eisenstaedt - 🔥Limited Edition Silver Gelatin Print - Blue Chip
Melon Salesman And Fidler At a Marketplace in Scott, Mississippi Photography by Alfred Eisenstaedt
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Melon Salesman And Fidler At a Marketplace in Scott, Mississippi Photography by Alfred Eisenstaedt - 0
Melon Salesman And Fidler At a Marketplace in Scott, Mississippi Photography by Alfred Eisenstaedt - 1

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Melon Salesman And Fidler At a Marketplace in Scott, Mississippi

Photography : Gelatin Silver Paint
Size : 13x19 in  |  33x48 cm
Edition : From the edition of 250

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Hand SignedSigned 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromGallery 2006 

Provenance / HistoryCircle Gallery 

Certificate of AuthenticityCircle Gallery 


Alfred Eisenstaedt - United States

Art Brokerage: Alfred Eisenstaedt American Photographer: B. 1898-1995. Most photographs were published by Circle Fine Art. Alfred Eisenstaedt became known to millions worldwide through his work for LIFE Magazine, which he joined as one of the first four staff photographers in 1935 (when it was still Project X). His 86 covers and over 2500 assignments for LIFE have portrayed the earth-shaking events and influential people of the twentieth century, from the dignity of royalty to the elegance of movie stars, from the passion of scholars to the determination of diplomats.John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, and Winston Churchill are just a few of the luminaries captured forever through Eisenstaedt's unfailing ability to seize the fleeting essence of the moment. Eisenstaedt has received numerous awards for his work including the National Medal of the Arts; the International Understanding Award for Outstanding Achievement, the Photographic Society of America Achievement Award; and Photographer of the Year, Encyclopaedia Britannica. Time magazine heralded Eisenstaedt's V-J Day, Times Square,1945 as one of the ten greatest images in the history of photojournalism. The artist has also authored many books. We have clients wishing to purchase. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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