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"Vins 1949 31x22" by Alois Lecoque - $4,600 Well Priced
  • Vins 1949 31x22 Original Painting by Alois Lecoque
    Vins 1949 31x22 Original Painting by Alois Lecoque - 0
    Vins 1949 31x22 Original Painting by Alois Lecoque - 1
    Vins 1949 31x22 Original Painting by Alois Lecoque - 2
    Vins 1949 31x22 Original Painting by Alois Lecoque - 3
    Vins 1949 31x22 Original Painting by Alois Lecoque - 4
  • "Vins 1949 31x22"


    Alois Lecoque

    Original Painting

    Size: 25 x 18 in  |  64 x 46 cm

    Framed: 31 x 22 in  |  79 x 56 cm

    Hand Signed : Lower Left
    Condition: Excellent
    Framed with Plexiglass : Wooden Frame
    Purchased from : Artist 1950
    Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
    Alois Lecoque

    Art Brokerage: Alois Lecoque Czech/American Artist: b. 1891-1981. Alois Lecoque was born in Prague in 1891 as Alois Kahout. His father, an engineer specializing in the regulation of rivers and hydraulic stations, wanted him to follow in his footsteps but Alois wanted to be an artist and his father wisely assented. After six years of formal study at Prague's Real Schule, he went to Zagreb to study at the Art Institute under Professor Crncic. There he mastered the technique of capturing scenic objects in effervescent color. Alois Kahout was such an outstanding student who applied himself assiduously that he left the institute with high honors. So pleased was his father that he agreed to allow his son the dream for opportunity to go to Paris where the art world was in such an excited ferment. In Paris he attended the Academie Julian studying under professors Baschet, Emile Bernard and others who were highly respected by the Post Impressionist school of painting. Kahout now became Lecoque - the French name for Rooster, which had the same meaning in the Czech language. Renoir, the great master took a liking to the young artist and taught him many of his secrets; predicting that his drive and originality would one day make him famous. Establishing his own studio in "La Ruche des Artistes" located in the famed Vauguirard quarter, he met and became friends with many artists whose works have since achieved world acclaim, including the sculptor Zadkine, Miossi Kogan, Modigliani, Soutine and many others. In 1913, his works were exhibited at the Anglo German Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in London. From 1945 to 1951 Lecoque's colorful career as an artist gained new luster and his personal life was enriched by new challenges and opportunities. Rome, Milan, Florence, and Capri now became sources of inspiration for his prolific paint brush and his unique canvases of scenes in those famous cities won him acclaim in numerous exhibits. His keen and perceptive eye, said one critic, "had revealed the splendor of the Italian cities to the Italians." Two of his books were published there but another art form beckoned his versatile talents. His work ranged from still life to harbor life to the city views of Prague. He painted magnificent buildings and waterfronts in Paris. Listings Wanted.

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