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"Untitled Painting 2000 30x38" by Andreas Nottebohm - Acrylic on Aluminum
Untitled Painting 2000 30x38 Original Painting by Andreas Nottebohm
Untitled Painting 2000 30x38 Original Painting by Andreas Nottebohm - 0
Untitled Painting 2000 30x38 Original Painting by Andreas Nottebohm - 1
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Andreas Nottebohm

"Untitled Painting 2000 30x38"

Hand SignedLower Left  
Condition Excellent 
Framed without GlassBlack 
Purchased fromGallery 2000 
Story / Additional InfoKn-m-1387-ag 
Certificate of AuthenticityWeinstein Gallery 
Andreas Nottebohm - Germany

Art Brokerage: Andreas Nottebohm German-American Artist: B. 1944. Andreas Nottebohm, born in 1944, is an American/German artist whose work is associated with Op Art, visionary art, and Space Art. He is considered one of the key innovators of Metal Painting.The recent paintings of Andreas Nottebohm honor the traditions of Western European visual arts yet move radically beyond those limitations. As their creation has released the artist from the restraints of convention-even from very recent convention-he, as their creator, releases viewers from the restraints that they have inherited, allowing them to participate in his fascinating innovations. Comments the artist, "For me it's already a problem to say anything more about the works than that they are. I think of them as visual statements rather than compositions. Making them is like starting a journey with no intention to come back. Viewers can select the instruments they want to hear. I like Rhys Chatham [contemporary New York classical composer and guitarist]. When he's not too aggressive, his music's great for working. It transports me to somewhere else! Making these works is very like jazz. If you make a mistake, then as Bonnard always commented, you just think, "It's the mistakes that make the painting!" Then you incorporate it as an important part of the soul of the painting. It's like life. You can't correct it. Those mistakes add tension and the joy of the unexpected. That's art!" Listings wanted.