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"Moonlight 1982 32x22" by Anthony Casay - Fabulous Framed Oil on Canvas $3,500
Moonlight 1982 32x22 Original Painting by Anthony Casay
Moonlight 1982 32x22 Original Painting by Anthony Casay - 0
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Anthony Casay

"Moonlight 1982 32x22"

Hand SignedLower Left 
Condition Excellent 
Framed without GlassDark Wood 
Purchased fromGallery 1982 
Provenance / History  
Certificate of AuthenticityCasay Gallery of Fine Art 
Anthony Casay - Spain

Art Brokerage: Anthony Casay Spanish Artist: Anthony Casay, the son of symphony orchestra musicians, was born in Madrid and spent many weeks as young child on the Spanish coast during family vacations. At the age of eight, he and his family moved to Mexico City where the following year, he became a child actor and a budding artist (he took a starring role in the television series Les Miserables, In his spare time, he painted and won several competitions in local art exhibits.) At thirteen, Casay's mural of the Execution of Mexican Leaders by French Soldiers, won Casay First Prize in a national competition. At seventeen, Casay began hosting, directing and producing television programs for children, incorporating his own designs and drawings as tools for learning and entertainment. Extremely ambitious in intellectual terms as well, Casay made time to complete a degree in Diplomatic and Political Science and, upon graduation. Anthony Casay was appointed Mexican Consul to the city of Los Angeles, California. It was then that he began to paint seascapes. Anthony Casay's work began quickly selling across the United States. Casay's works are collected internationally, and among his long list of noted collectors, include the Royal Family of Iran, Harrods of London Gallery, and many others. Art Brokerage is a major secondary source for Anthony Casay original oils on canvas. We no longer accept listings for prints.