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"Saló Sul Lago Di Garda 1985 40x36 Super Huge" by Athos Faccincani - Wow! Huge - Very Very Well Priced - Must Sell - Make Offer
Saló Sul Lago Di Garda 1985 40x36 Super Huge Original Painting by Athos Faccincani
Saló Sul Lago Di Garda 1985 40x36 Super Huge Original Painting by Athos Faccincani - 0
Saló Sul Lago Di Garda 1985 40x36 Super Huge Original Painting by Athos Faccincani - 1
Saló Sul Lago Di Garda 1985 40x36 Super Huge Original Painting by Athos Faccincani - 2

Athos Faccincani

"Saló Sul Lago Di Garda 1985 40x36 Super Huge"

Hand Signed : Lower Right
Condition : Excellent
Framed without Glass : Gold With Matte
Purchased from : Artist 1985
Provenance / History : The painting was purcheased by my father at a gallery in Cortina Italy in the winter of 1985. Faccincani was there in person that afternoon so he inscribed the back st that time.
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
LID : 124394
Athos Faccincani - Italy

Art Brokerage: Athos Faccincani Italian Artist: b. 1951. Athos Faccincani was born in Peschiera del Garda on January 29, 1951. In 1963-64, when Athos was 13, he attended the studio of Maestro Pio Semighini; and then soon after, attended technical schools, where his interest continued to grow. Between 1967-69, he attended the Venetian studios of Novati, Gamba and Seibezzi.In Brescia, in that same period, he met Ottorino Garosio and Angelo Fiessi. In 1970, after completing his studies, the young Athos, filled with enthusiasm, dedicated himself to horseback riding and painting, with help from his friend Nantas Salvalaggio. In those years, his power of observation, disenchanted, placed him face to face with his first painful impact with social reality and its problems. He learned that life is also made up of alienation, pain, prisons and corruption. He felt a strong urge to personally live up to his civil commitment and became a champion for the disabled, the poor and the assisted. His paintings, which are artistically addressed to the enigma of human feelings, its dramas and contradictions, take on colors that symbolize melancholy and sufferance in his representation of human figures. His studies culminated with the creation of the paintings on “Follia delle attese” (expectations of madness) and Resistenza (resistance). His personal exhibits received a visit by, the then President of the Italian Republic, Sandro Pertini. In 1980, after a long journey enriched with artistic and literary events, began his period of inner regeneration and reconstruction. Within a short time his artistic interest changed from human figure representation to landscapes. His attention was inexorably directed towards nature, something which Faccincani sacredly loves and which became his only model. He underwent a radical change in his existential attitude and style, switching to images of impressionism revisited, from the use of pure and bold colors, the design thesis of cultural motivations of the 21st Century: the light, the sun and simplicity. Athos has exhibited in London, Vienna, Paris, Chicago, New York, Zurich, Madrid, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Monaco, Tokyo, Moscow, Hong Kong and Monte Carlo. During his forty-year career Athos has won countless awards for his contribution to art including the Ischia Friends prize in 2010, The Albatross prize presented to him in Naples in 2011. Listings wanted.