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"Subconscious Impulses Unique Glass Sculpture" by BJ Katz - $2,400 Well Priced - Just Reduced

Subconscious Impulses Unique Glass Sculpture



BJ Katz

Glass Sculpture

Size: 20.75 x 15 x 5.5 in  |  53 x 38 x 14 cm

Edition: From a diverse edition of 500, no two are alike

Hand Signed : Signature engraved in the glass sculpture.
Condition: Excellent
Purchased from : Artist
Provenance : Purchased directly from the artist
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
BJ Katz

Art Brokerage: BJ Katz American Glass Artist: Inspired by the world's great art glass houses, BJ Katz's vision has been to create a studio artistic community where she and others would work together creating exceptional works of contemporary art glass that combine imagination, originality, artistic quality and technical proficiency in public and private commissioned artwork. Her studio, Meltdown Glass Art and Design, has grown over its twenty year history. Katz's work is in numerous private and public collections including the permanent collection of the Corning Museum of Glass. Large-scale public art glass installations is Katz's forte art glass integrated into architecture. Katz competes for public art commissions. Over 150 completed commissions can be viewed on her websites. Katz considers her Facets of Womanhood sculptural series her personal life work. Facets is autobiographical, addressing deeper issues about life, womanhood, and her emotional and spiritual place in the world. While healing and transcendence have long been elements in Katz's artwork, in Facets she personalized these subjects through the inclusion of text and silhouetted images of herself to share her own experiences and beliefs. Listings wanted.

  • Sculpture

    $2,400 Well Priced - Just Reduced