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"Radiance Serigraph 1992" by Bill Mack - Huge Framed Hand Signed Serigraph $3,500
Radiance Serigraph 1992 Limited Edition Print by Bill Mack
Radiance Serigraph 1992 Limited Edition Print by Bill Mack - 0
Radiance Serigraph 1992 Limited Edition Print by Bill Mack - 1
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Bill Mack

"Radiance Serigraph 1992"

Hand Signed
Condition : Excellent
Framed with Plexiglass : Black frame
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
LID : 36758
Bill Mack - United States

Art Brokerage; Bill Mack American Artist: The impact of Bill Mack's art is achieved not only by his dramatic portrayal of the human form, but also by the utilization of a wide variety of materials with which to execute his artistic vision. The final work emerges as a classic example of the interplay of form and materials. For over 35 years, Bill Mack has created sculpture in relief and in the round for government, corporate and private collections. Mack's art hangs in galleries in four continents and he has had exhibits in Tokyo, England, France and Germany. NOTICE: We are NO LONGER accepting listings for bonded SAND pieces unless they have the original shipping box and are less than 5 years old. For Bonded Bronze to list you must either have the original box, live in a city that owns a foam packing facility, or prior to shipping you must call His publisher in Minneapolis and order a box so that the artwork can be shipped safely. Listings wanted.