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"Duke of Earl 1998 24x20" by Bruce Ricker - Well Priced $3,800
  • Duke of Earl 1998 24x20 Original Painting by Bruce Ricker
    Duke of Earl 1998 24x20 Original Painting by Bruce Ricker - 0
  • "Duke of Earl 1998 24x20"


    Bruce Ricker

    Original Painting
    Oil on Plexiglass

    Size: 24x20 in  |  61x51 cm

    Hand Signed : Lower Right
    Condition: Other - It looks great but there appear to be some tiny imperfections.
    Purchased from : Gallery 2009
    Provenance / History : Gallery I in Carmel, CA
    Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
    LID : 80087
    Bruce Ricker

    Art Brokerage: Bruce Ricker American Artist: Bruce Ricker redefines landscape art using a style that he calls epic visionary. A formal education in art and architecture combines with a lucid imagination to result in the unique Ricker style. The Ricker style of painting, developed over many years, is rooted in his powers of observation. "First one must see the bones of a landscape, the three-dimensional molecular nature of rock in all its power and insistence: this is the foundation of any landscape." With this foundation, Ricker begins to introduce the effects of sunlight, wind and water; sensual patterns and textures emerge and flower further as they manifest the biological life. Over the years Ricker has built a language of shapes notable for their sharp detail and articulate precision, as well as their vision of nature more internal and mystical than photo-realistic. Ricker reminds us to look more closely; the final returns are not yet in on what this world is made of, or even what it really looks like. It is this borderline between the real and the imaginary, that Bruce Ricker explores—a fertile ground for seeing life in a newer, more interesting, and ultimately more meaningful way.

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