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    Art Brokerage: Carrie Fell American Artist: Throughout her twenty-year career, Carrie has exhibited her work nationally through numerous well-respected fine art galleries achieving both private and corporate collector recognition. In 2011, Carrie opened her own gallery to expand upon her experience, repertoire and her brand. Carrie is active and generous with both her donations and time serving numerous charitable organizations. In 1996, she established Significance of Self, a creative residency program designed to integrate charity performance and promote young people in their expression through art. Carrie Fell is an artist who expands the boundaries of traditional Western art by presenting Western subjects in new ways. Through her work Carrie tells the familiar stories of the West, stories of cowboys and cowgirls and horses and the infinite sky. Her dramatic use of color and line set Carrie Fell apart from conventional Western art style. With deft drawing and bold color, she imparts life and feeling to her frequently faceless subjects, from longhorns to cowgirls. She studied interior design in college; remnants of the drawing style of design work are intrinsic to her art. Her use of color, line and negative space also reflect her early training. Fell works in a variety of media: paintings, limited-edition prints and, most recently, sculpture. Fell’s art hangs in the collections of individuals, corporations and institutions throughout North America and abroad. She exhibits year-round in numerous galleries and museums. In 2007, the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia acquired her painting, “Crazy Mountain Saddle Slickers” for their permanent collection. In 2010, her original, “Rusty and Calamity” was acquired by the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg as part of their permanent collection. Listings wanted.

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