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"Self Portrait 2 2002" by Chuck Close - $5,800 Reduced

Self Portrait 2 2002



Chuck Close

Iris Print

Size: 30 x 23 in  |  76 x 58 cm

Edition: From the edition of 30

Hand Signed : Hand Signed And Numbered By the Artist
Condition: Excellent
Purchased from : Private Collector 2015
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
Chuck Close

Chuck Close is an American artist known for his large-scale Photorealist portraits. He constructs the paintings through a grid system, in where each square on the canvas corresponds with a squared off cell on the reference photograph. Focusing mainly on self-portraits or portraits of his family and friends, including the artists Richard Serra, Alex Katz, Cindy Sherman, and Cecily Brown. Similar to the Pointillist works of Georges Seurat, Close’s compositions come in to focus the further an observer stands from them. “I realized that to deal with your nature is also to construct a series of limitations which just don't allow you to behave the way you most naturally want to behave,” he said of his technique. “So, I found it incredibly liberating to work for a long time on something even though I'm impatient.” Born on July 5, 1940 in Monroe, WA, the artist has struggled with dyslexia and facial blindness throughout his life. He went on to receive his MFA from the Yale School of Art in 1962, while at Yale he worked in an Abstract Expressionist style. It was after seeing Sol LeWitt’s process-based work that Close began experimenting with the grid system he is now known for. In 1988, Close suffered damage to his anterior spinal artery leaving him paralyzed and wheelchair bound. Undeterred, the artist adapted his method of painting to compensate and now works with a brush strapped to his wrist. His works are held in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, among others. Close currently lives and works between New York, NY and Long Island, NY.

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    Pigmented Digital Output Iris Print From Daguerroeotype

    $ Reduced Again - Very Well Priced
  • Limited Edition Print

    Reduced Again
  • Limited Edition Print
    Digital Ink Jet Print

    $2,000 Reduced
  • Limited Edition Print

    Well Priced
  • Limited Edition Print
    Relief with embossing on handmade paper