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    Art Brokerage: Claude Theberge Canadian Artist: Claude Theberge is a Canadian artist whose career provides a prime example of how time works in unforeseen and often magical ways. He was born in Edmunston, New Brunswick. He’s a graduate of École des Beaux-Arts in Quebec City. He studied Graphic Arts, under masters such as Dallaire, Plamondon, Bastien, Gagnon, Jean-Paul Lemieux and East. He won bursaries from both the Quebec Government and the Canada Arts Council and attended the greatest art and design schools in France. Theberge captured the top prize in a competition organized by the United Nations involving 65,000 graphic artists from all over the world. Over many years, Theberge divided is time between Montreal and Paris, all the while exploring the full range between hyper-realism and pure abstraction. He designed sculptures, stained glass windows and murals for a host of public buildings. He also created paintings found in prestigious collections including Kennedy Collection, U.S.A., l’Oreal/Lancome, Esso, Canada, Aerospatial, France, First Canadian Bank, Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto World Trade Center, Royal British Columbia Museum, and many more. Through the years, he took part in group or solo shows held in Copenhagen, Madrid, New York, Berlin, Chicago Paris, London, Tokyo, Moscow, and elsewhere. His posters, prints and art form part of many corporate and private collections as well as the permanent collection of museums around the world. Theberge has created extraordinary work which adorns public spaces and important corporations in Quebec. During his long career, he has received many awards. Theberge seeks to share his views and knowledge by teaching. Listings wanted.

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