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    Art Brokerage: Constantin Kluge Russian Artist: b. 1912-2003. Constantin Kluge (1912 - 2003) was an award winning painter originally from Russia. Raised mostly in Manchuria and Beijing, Kluge eventually settled in Paris and became a French citizen. He is known for his French landscapes and romantic scenes of Paris. Constantin Kluge was born on January 29, 1912 in Riga, then a large industrial port city in the Russian Empire. Kluge was born into a family of means and some status. His paternal grandfather had spent years in France studying the cultivation of vines and wine making. Returning to Russia he developed a successful winery. Kluge's father, also Constantin, was a member of the Russian Army General Staff and a White Army sympathizer. Kluge's mother, Liouba Ignatieva, was an academic who also came from a military family. When his parents met, young Liouba was serving as tutor to the children of Russian Grand Duke Michel, the younger brother of Czar Nicholas II. The family moved often, following Constantin Sr.'s deployments with the counter rebellion armies. Each move seemed to take the family further and further east as the revolution spread and the White Sympathizers controlled a decreasing part of the country. Kluge settled in Paris in 1950 and soon thereafter found representation in a French gallery on Rue Saint-Honore. In 1964 he became a citizen of France. In the winter of 1919-1920, the family traveled via train to Harbin, Manchuria. Living in Manchuria, Kluge first discovered an interest in art while learning Chinese. Kluge enjoyed beauty of drawing the characters of Mandarin and proper technique for holding the brush. Eventually, with the situation in Manchuria changing, the family moved to Beijing. At school in Beijing, Kluge was first introduced to formal art study, studying under the direction of the Russian artist Podgursky Chernomyrdin. Although he demonstrated real talent as an artist, he would pursue architecture in France. In Paris, Kluge earned admission into the École des Beaux Arts to study architecture and in 1937 he earned his diploma. His intention to had been to return to Beijing. However he was stymied by his to desire to paint the river banks, bridges, and streets of Paris he had come to love. Thus, only after finishing his architectural degree, did his interest in painting flourish. After six months of painting Paris, he returned east to Shanghai, not Beijing. In Shanghai, the turn world events helped force Kluge to paint. As an aspiring architect, he took a job in the office that processed building permits for the Shanghai French Concession. However with the outbreak of the war, building nearly ceased as raw materials were being confiscated by the Japanese for their military. Kluge filled his time with painting. In 1946, with Mao Tse Tung was sweeping southward and foreigners were flooding out of Shanghai, Kluge moved to Hong Kong. There he took a job as an architect, despite the fact that painting had supported him and his family. In Hong Kong, Kluge found plenty of work as an architect. However, he became disenchanted with the common practices in the building industry and he resolved to make painting his full-time pursuit. During this period, Kluge became focused on his Christianity, and befriended several Jesuit missionaries including Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Pierre Leroy. Their correspondence and notes on their friendship are housed in the Georgetown University Library's special collections. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

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Marche Aux Fleurs, Paris 34x40 - France  Original Painting - Constantin Kluge

Constantin Kluge

Marche Aux Fleurs, Paris 34x40 - France

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas, Hand Signed

Size: 30x36 in  | 76x91 cm
Framed Oil on Canvas - Inquire
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