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"Horses of Carthage AP 1998" by Csaba Markus - Framed Artist Proof $2,775
Horses of Carthage AP 1998 Limited Edition Print by Csaba Markus
Horses of Carthage AP 1998 Limited Edition Print by Csaba Markus - 0
Horses of Carthage AP 1998 Limited Edition Print by Csaba Markus - 1
Horses of Carthage AP 1998 Limited Edition Print by Csaba Markus - 2
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Csaba Markus

"Horses of Carthage AP 1998"

Hand Signed : Signed lower right, numbered lower left
Condition : Excellent - The print is in excellent condition. There are 2 small chips on the top edge of the frame.
Framed with Plexiglass
Purchased from : Gallery 1988
Story / Additional Info : Purchased from Richard Thomas Galleries in Carmel, Calif. Original owner.
Certificate of Authenticity : Richard Thomas Galleries, Carmel, Ca
LID : 17283
Csaba Markus - Hungary

Art Brokerage: Csaba Markus Hungarian Artist: b. 1953. First of all, there's artist Csaba Markus's appearance, which appears more appropriate to his Hungarian ancestry of a warrior rather than a contemporary artist. But his appearance is not the only contrast in his life. There is Csaba's art, which is world-renowned for its complexity, as his work is equally suited to both the modern and ancient eras. The classical influences in Markus's art are tied to his origins in Budapest, Hungary, where he was born in 1953. Starting from early childhood, Markus challenged himself to be the greatest artist in the world. Feeling stifled by his native country, Csaba Markus decided to escape the rigorous controls of the Communist system and arrived in the United States in 1978. Since then he has been deemed the Artisan of the Milleniums, a title which brings not only appropriate recognition but also a challenging role for Markus to fill. His art must span the ages, able to exist in either the distant past or the existing present. Markus' must incorporate the traditions, cultures, and legends of ancient eras, providing the necessary bridge to the modern era for a contemporary audience to appreciate and enjoy. It's a difficult position to uphold... and one that Csaba Markus navigates with ease and skill, as though he'd been born to fulfill the role. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.



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Csaba Markus

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Limited Edition Print