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Adorabelle 2006 43x31

Csaba Markus

"Adorabelle 2006 43x31 "

Original Painting: Mixed Media and Oil on Canvas

Size: 37 x 27 in  | 94 x 69 cm
Framed without Glass - Gold And Brown Wood
Hand Signed
Major Painting
Golden Harmony 2005 59x43

Csaba Markus

"Golden Harmony 2005 59x43"

Original Painting: Mixed-Media on Rag Paper with Metallic Leafing

Size: 42 x 27 in  | 107 x 67 cm
Framed with Glass - Burgundy frame with canvas matt, distressed finish
Hand Signed: Signed in gold brush point in lower right
Major Painting Just Reduced
Vision of Amellia 2008 23x27

Csaba Markus

"Vision of Amellia 2008 23x27"

Original Painting: Mixed Media in Oil on Primed Cotton Canvas With Gesso Background, Mettallic Leaf

Size: 17 x 21 in  | 43 x 53 cm
Framed without Glass - Ornate Gold Frame
Hand Signed: By Artist in Pigment Lower Left
Verry Well Priced Major Painting
Pompaea 2007 23x19

Csaba Markus

"Pompaea 2007 23x19"

Original Painting: Oil Painting on Canvas

Size: 11 x 13 in  | 28 x 33 cm
Framed without Glass - Ornate, Multi Colored Wood Frame
Hand Signed: Signed in Pigment, Lower Left
Just Reduced
Aladinia  2007 20x17

Csaba Markus

"Aladinia 2007 20x17"

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas with Gold Accents

Size: 9 x 6 in  | 23 x 15 cm
Framed without Glass - Wood frame
Hand Signed: In pigment lower left
Price on Request
Leonarda 2003 27x37

Csaba Markus

"Leonarda 2003 27x37"

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas with gold leaf

Size: 27 x 37 in  | 69 x 94 cm
Framed without Glass
Hand Signed: Lower left
Price on Request
Distant Thoughts 1997 22x28

Csaba Markus

"Distant Thoughts 1997 22x28"

Original Painting: Mixed Media Original on Paper

Size: 22 x 28 in  | 56 x 71 cm
Framed with Plexiglass - Ornate wood frame
Hand Signed: Lower right in gold letters
Well Priced
Aria 29x38

Csaba Markus

"Aria 29x38"

Original Painting: Mixed Media Painting on Paper, Gold Accents

Size: 22 x 14 in  | 56 x 36 cm
Framed with Plexiglass - Large Wooden Decorative Gold Frame, Linen Mat
Hand Signed: Lower Right, Hand Signed in Gold
$ Major Reduction
Alisa 1996 48x30

Csaba Markus

"Alisa 1996 48x30"

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas

Size: 48 x 30 in  | 122 x 76 cm
Framed without Glass - Frame Painted By Artist
Hand Signed: Lower Right
Major Painting



Zoe 1998 24x35

Csaba Markus

"Zoe 1998 24x35"

Original Painting: Mixed Medium on Special Handmade Paper

Size: 24 x 14 in  | 61 x 36 cm
Framed with Plexiglass - Heavy gold frame and filet with bone linen mat
Hand Signed: Lower right
Very Well Priced - Major Painting
Genevieve Original 1999 32x20

Csaba Markus

"Genevieve Original 1999 32x20"

Original Painting: Oil on Board With Gold Gilding

Size: 26 x 14 in  | 66 x 36 cm
Framed without Glass - Baroque Style Wooden Frame
Hand Signed: Lower Right in Paint
Reduced Again
Untitled Horses 1999 46x36

Csaba Markus

"Untitled Horses 1999 46x36"

Works on Paper (not prints): Mixed Media on Paper

Size: 34 x 44 in  | 86 x 112 cm
Framed with Glass - Double frame, perfect glass
Hand Signed: Hand signed lower right


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