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"Moods of Bellini Unique Cast Paper Sculpture 1985 32x41" by Dario Campanile - 🔥Rare Cast Paper $3,975
Moods of Bellini Unique Cast Paper Sculpture 1985 32x41 Sculpture by Dario Campanile
Moods of Bellini Unique Cast Paper Sculpture 1985 32x41 Sculpture by Dario Campanile - 0
Moods of Bellini Unique Cast Paper Sculpture 1985 32x41 Sculpture by Dario Campanile - 1
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Dario Campanile

"Moods of Bellini Unique Cast Paper Sculpture 1985 32x41"

Hand SignedHand Signed and Numbered 
Condition Excellent 
Purchased fromPublisher 1985 
Story / Additional InfoThough this was done as an edition of 50, this is the only one to have ever been completed. Therefore, we represent that this is a unique piece. This is hand-painted. They are derived from clay sculptures done by the artist by hand, and then cast by a paper caster who happened to have a world class paper studio next door to Dario Campanile's studio. They were produced for a solo show at the Art Expo New York in 1985. Due to an illness in Dario's family during the Art Expo, he left early and flew home to Italy. Upon his return a few orders were filled and only a few pieces were made for the publisher before everything was shut down. Thus the cast paper sculptures that were intended to be in editions never got out of the prototype stage. 
Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 
Dario Campanile - United States

Art Brokerage Dario Campanile Italian-American Artist: b. 1948. Dario Campanile started to sketch as a very young child. At the age of six, his talent for art was encouraged with the gift of a small set of watercolors from an uncle, himself a painter. At the age of eighteen, Dario had the good fortune to meet Giorgio de Chirico, the Italian master of metaphysical art. Dario showed him some paintings and asked if he should attend art school. De Chirico counseled the young painter to simply experiment and continue discovering his own techniques. Inspired by this encounter, Dario found that his own hard work and discipline proved to be his best teachers. Dario Campanile continued to work full time on his art, and by the time he was twenty, he was successfully exhibiting his paintings in the Galleria Esedera in Rome, and attracting the attention of international collectors. After moving to Los Angeles in 1973, Dario experienced great commercial success, and explored new directions in his art. Campanile worked with clay sculpture, cast paper sculpting and cast paper bas-relief. In 1986, after working in Los Angeles for over a decade, Dario Campanile was honored to be chosen from hundreds of artists to create the 75th Anniversary Logo for Paramount Studios. Campanile's beautiful design of the famous mountain symbol is seen on every Paramount publication today. Art Brokerage is a major secondary source for Dario Campanile original Paintings. Art Brokerage can arrange a private commission. Listings wanted.