"Mountain Lake Morning Watercolor 33x41 Huge" by Diane Anderson - 🔥Fabulous Framed Watercolor - 6 Watchers $3,200
Mountain Lake Morning Watercolor 33x41 Huge Watercolor by Diane Anderson
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Mountain Lake Morning Watercolor 33x41 Huge Watercolor by Diane Anderson - 0
Mountain Lake Morning Watercolor 33x41 Huge Watercolor by Diane Anderson - 1
Mountain Lake Morning Watercolor 33x41 Huge Watercolor by Diane Anderson - 2
Mountain Lake Morning Watercolor 33x41 Huge Watercolor by Diane Anderson - 3

Diane Anderson

Mountain Lake Morning Watercolor 33x41 Huge

Watercolor : Watercolor on Paper
Size : 20x28 in  |  51x71 cm
Framed : 33x41 in  |  84x104 cm

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Hand SignedLower Right  

Condition Excellent 

Framed with GlassGold Frame 

Purchased fromGallery 2000 

Story / Additional InfoWentworth Gallery 

Certificate of AuthenticityWentworth Gallery 


Diane Anderson - United States

Art Brokerage: Park West Artist: Diane Anderson American Artist: Diane Anderson, born in Chicago, has developed a national following as a landscape artist. After graduating from the University of Iowa, she devoted herself to a career in art, working long and hard to refine her considerable artistic talents. With her mastery of watercolors and eye for detail, Diane strives to create in her landscapes not so much a scene as a feeling; not so much a place as a memory. A sunlit clearing in the forest, a placid meadow pond, or a waterfall shrouded in early morning mist - these are the kinds of chance, momentary encounters Diane recreates. Listings wanted.

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Wanted: Diane Anderson

Currently own 5 orignial Diane Anderson watercolors and interested in acquiring another. Serious Buyer.


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