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"Five Reds, Oct 31, 2008; Five Whites, Oct 31, 2008 available individually or set" by Donald Sultan - Reduced

Five Reds, Oct 31, 2008; Five Whites, Oct 31, 2008 available individually or set



Donald Sultan

Limited Edition Print
Silkscreen Inks and Flocking on Museum Board

Size: 60 x 60 in  |  152 x 152 cm

Edition: From the edition of 10

Hand Signed
Condition: Mint
Not Framed
Provenance : The centers and background are black flocked and the background is then over-printed with three passes of black enamel ink. Each print titled, dated, and initialed by the artist, left margin, numbered lower right, with the artist and publisher stamp.
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
Donald Sultan

Art Brokerage: Donald Sultan American Artist: b. 1951. Although his paintings fit into the criteria of a still life, Sultan describes these works as first and foremost abstract. The largeness of Sultan's compositions, huge pieces of fruit, flowers, dominoes and other objects, set against the stark, unsettling tar-black, eight-foot square background, dominate the viewer. Donald Sultan is best known for his lemons and fruit, and states that his subjects develop from previous work. The oval of his lemons has led to a series of oval-blossomed tulips. Dots from dice have become oranges. What does not change with Sultan's work is the powerful statement his forms make. Sultan's work incorporates basic geometric and organic forms with a formal purity that is both subtle and monumental. Donald Sultan's images are weighty, with equal emphasis on both negative and positive areas. Sultan describes his work as "heavy structure, holding fragile meaning" with the ability to "turn you off and turn you on at the same time." Sultan's still lifes have been described as studies in contrast. His powerfully sensual, fleshy object representations are rendered through a labor-intensive and unique method.

  • Limited Edition Print
    Suite of 3 Etchings

    Price on Request
  • Limited Edition Print
    Silkscreen on Rising Museum Board  

    $3,900 New Blonde Wood Frame
  • Limited Edition Print
    Silkscreen on Sommerset Paper

    $3,000 Price on Request OBO
  • Limited Edition Print

    Price on request OBO
  • Limited Edition Print
    Suite of 3 Digital Inkjet Prints  

    Price on request OBO