"Dancing 24x18" by Eric De Kolb - 🔥Acrylic on Masonite
Dancing 24x18 Original Painting by Eric De Kolb
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Dancing 24x18 Original Painting by Eric De Kolb - 0
Dancing 24x18 Original Painting by Eric De Kolb - 1

Eric De Kolb

Dancing 24x18

Original Painting : Acrylic on Masonite
Size : 24x18 in  |  61x46 cm

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Condition Other - The Eric de Kolb paintings offered on Art Brokerage are all in "Excellent/Very Good" condition. If interested in purchasing an Eric de Kolb painting, ask Art Brokerage to contact the Seller for a more detailed over-view of the painting. 

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Eric De Kolb - Austria

Art Brokerage: Eric de Kolb Austrian Artist: b. 1916-2001. Eric de Kolb was a well known surrealistic artist, painter, sculptor, jewelry and fashion designer, commercial artist and package designer. De Kolb was born in Vienna in 1916 and died in New York City in 2001. De Kolb's masterly artistic skills were diverse, his surrealistic paintings were created in a vast array of styles, his mini sculptures were created in all different styles and many different types of materials. Eric de Kolb (Baron Eric de Kolb-Wartenberg) grew up in an aristocratic Viennese family, both his father and grandfather were art collectors. Eric de Kolb became a well known artist, famous for his fashions designs, jewelry designs, miniature sculptures, paintings, and commercial art packaging. Original early paintings wanted.

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