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"Circa 21st 2006 Red 68x39 Super Huge" by Ernesto Seco - Acrylic on Canvas
Circa 21st 2006 Red 68x39 Super Huge Original Painting by Ernesto Seco
Circa 21st 2006 Red 68x39 Super Huge Original Painting by Ernesto Seco - 0
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Ernesto Seco

"Circa 21st 2006 Red 68x39 Super Huge"

Hand Signed : Lower Right in Paint
Condition : Excellent
Framed without Glass : Wood Frame
Purchased from : Artist 2006
Provenance / History : Purchased from Seco in Ojai, California at his home/studio
Story / Additional Info : Seco was granted permission to sketch from just off stage the rehearsal sessions of the Los Angeles Symphony, their guest performers and conductors for a season. He then went back to his studio where he created this original from the sketches.
Certificate of Authenticity : Left Coast Galleries
LID : 110049
Ernesto Seco - Mexico

Art Brokerage: Ernesto Seco Mexican Artist: b. 1958-2011. Seco had a special affinity for music, especially classical and jazz. He often spoke of using music as his inspiration, sitting quietly listening to music until the emotions he felt impelled him to take up his brushes. Combining his love of classical music and painting, Seco developed a unique relationship with the Los Angeles Philharmonic that allowed him to sit in the auditorium during rehearsals, sketching various musicians. Whether capturing the likeness of an individual cellist or a view of the entire orchestra, his paintings were more than pictures of musicians, they were symphonies of color and gesture, imbued with raw passion. In 1991 he had his first solo exhibit at Jardin Borda in Cuernavaca, Mexico. He was always passionate about his work and willing to do without many necessities of life in order to purchase art supplies. His use of bold color and a sense of brooding intensity characterized much of his art.