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"Save the Whales Poster" by Friedensreich S. Hundertwasser - $1,500 Make Offer! Reduced Again

Save the Whales Poster


Friedensreich S. Hundertwasser

Limited Edition Print

Size: 23 x 33 in  |  58 x 84 cm

Edition: Not numbered

Other : Foil stamped
Condition: Mint
Not Framed
Purchased from : Other
Provenance : Published for Greenpeace
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
Friedensreich S. Hundertwasser

Art Brokerage: Friedenserich Hundertwasser Austrian Artist: b. 1928-2000. Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser, born Friedrich Stowasser, (December 15, 1928 in Vienna February 19, 2000) (which means "Peace-Kingdom-Hundred-Waters) was an Austrian painter, architect and sculptor. Born in Vienna, he became one of the best-known contemporary Austrian artists, although controversial, by the end of the 20th century. Fredernsreich Hundertwasser's original and unruly artistic vision expressed itself in pictorial art, environmentalism, philosophy, and design of facades, postage stamps, flags, and clothing (among other areas). The common themes in his work utilised bright colours, organic forms, a reconciliation of humans with nature, and a strong individualism, rejecting straight lines. He remains sui generis, although his architectural work is comparable to Antoni Gaudi; in its biomorphic forms and use of tile. He was inspired by the works of Egon Schiele from an early date, and his style was often compared to that of Gustav Klimt. He was fascinated with spirals, and called straight lines "the devil's tools". He called his theory of art "transautomatism", based on Surrealist automatism, but focusing on the experience of the viewer, rather than the artist. His adopted surname is based on the translation of Sto (the [Slavic] word for "one hundred") into German. The name Friedensreich has a double meaning as "Peaceland" or "Peacerich" (in the sense of "peaceful"). The other names he chose for himself, Regentag and Dunkelbunt, translate to "Rainy day" and "Darkly multicoloured". His name Friedensreich Hundertwasser means, "Peace-Kingdom Hundred-Water". Although Hundertwasser first achieved notoriety for his boldly-coloured paintings, he is more widely renowned today for his revolutionary architectural designs, which incorporate natural features of the landscape, and use of irregular forms in his building design. Hundertwasserhaus, a low-income apartment block in Vienna, features undulating floors ("an uneven floor is a melody to the feet"), a roof covered with earth and grass, and large trees growing from inside the rooms, with limbs extending from windows. He took no payment for the design of Hundertwasserhaus, declaring that it was worth it, to "prevent something ugly from going up in its place". See Wikipedia for complete and fantastic biography of this great artist. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.

  • Limited Edition Print
    Lithograph on Ikonomatt Paper

    $2,000 Well Priced
  • Limited Edition Print

    New Listing
  • Limited Edition Print
    Offset Lithograph on Ikonomatt Paper

    Make Offer - Reduced Again
  • Limited Edition Print

    $3,700 Reduced
  • Limited Edition Print
    Serigraph Edition 1/3000

    $3,300 Reduced