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"Hombre 42x35 Huge" by Gaylord Soli (Gaylord) - 🔥Huge Framed Lithograph
Hombre 42x35 Huge Limited Edition Print by Gaylord Soli  (Gaylord)
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Hombre 42x35 Huge Limited Edition Print by Gaylord Soli  (Gaylord) - 0
Hombre 42x35 Huge Limited Edition Print by Gaylord Soli  (Gaylord) - 1
Hombre 42x35 Huge Limited Edition Print by Gaylord Soli  (Gaylord) - 2
Hombre 42x35 Huge Limited Edition Print by Gaylord Soli  (Gaylord) - 3
Hombre 42x35 Huge Limited Edition Print by Gaylord Soli  (Gaylord) - 4

Hombre 42x35 Huge

Gaylord Soli (Gaylord)

Limited Edition Print
Size : 42x35 in  |  107x89 cm
Framed : 42x35 in  |  107x89 cm
Edition : From the Edition of 50

Motivated Seller Reduced
Listing Info
Artist Bio

Hand SignedLower Left 

Condition Excellent 

Framed with GlassGold Wood Frame 

Purchased fromGallery 1997 

Provenance / HistoryWentworth Gallery, Altamonte Spring, Florida 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Gaylord Soli (Gaylord)

Art Brokerage: Gaylord Soli Artist and Printmaker: Having built a series of successful businesses around his passion for art and design, Gaylord Soli founded Clearwater Publishing in the 1980s and began to produce high quality serigraphy prints for fine artists including Ivan Earl, Richard Diebenkorn, Mel Ramos, and Peter Max. His own art draws on his years of travel throughout Mongolia, Pakistan, Iran, and the Amazon basin, and his life-long fascination with primitive cultures. Using a rich and earthy palate, Soli layers, scribes, and textures his canvases in a unique kinship with early artistic and organic processes. His paintings show the influence of Picasso, Tamayo, Auerbach, and Hans Hoffman, and are informed by a deep love of music and the spiritual. In his series "The Composers," Soli brings some of the world's great composers to canvas in an array of rich and beautiful images, painting the music as much as the musician. Listings wanted.

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Wanted: Gaylord Soli (Gaylord)

Original Painting: Acrylic on Canvas


Wanted: Gaylord Soli (Gaylord)

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas


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