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"Equus 2006" by Guillaume Azoulay - 🔥Limited Edition w Gold Leaf
Equus 2006 Limited Edition Print by Guillaume Azoulay
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Equus 2006 Limited Edition Print by Guillaume Azoulay - 0
Equus 2006 Limited Edition Print by Guillaume Azoulay - 1
Equus 2006 Limited Edition Print by Guillaume Azoulay - 2

Equus 2006

Guillaume Azoulay

Limited Edition Print : Gold Leaf Serigraph on Black Paper
Size : 34x40 in  |  86x102 cm
Edition : From the PP edition of 75

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Hand SignedPencil Lower Right 

Condition Excellent 

Not Framed 

Purchased fromDealer 

Certificate of AuthenticityFine Art Showcase 


Guillaume Azoulay - Morocco

Art Brokerage: Park West Artist: Guillaime Azoulay Moroccan Artist: B.1949. Guillaume A. Azoulay was born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1949. By the age of thirteen he was sketching and selling his drawings on the street. Eventually, Azoulay settled in Israel in 1967 where he applied to Betzalel, the Middle East's most famous art academy. They rejected his application but this did not deter Azoulay from continuing his studies. He has held major exhibits in Rome, Copenhagen, Monte Carlo, Reno, Paris, Tel-Aviv and many other major cities. In 1978 two of Azoulay's works were accepted into the permanent collection of the Louvre Museum in France. Listings wanted.

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