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"Seven Shells, New York, May 2002 Unique" by Irving Penn - Price On Request OBO

Seven Shells, New York, May 2002 Unique



Irving Penn

Gelatin Silver Print

Size: 10.5 x 19.25 in  |  27 x 49 cm

Edition:  Unique 

Hand Signed : Signed, Titled And Copyrighted 2002
Condition: Excellent
Purchased from : Artist 2002
Certificate of Authenticity : Irving Penn Studio
Irving Penn

Art Brokrage: Irving Penn American Artist: b. 1917. He is an American photographer, brother of Arthur Penn. He studied Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art (1934 - 38). Best known for his fashion work, he is also a master of portraiture and still life. Originally a painter, Penn began working working for Vogue magazine in 1943 and became one of America's most successful fashion photographers, known for his cool, refined, and glamorously stylized images. In portraiture, Penn uses plain backgrounds and natural light and is famously adept at capturing the essence of his sitter's personality. Penn has photographed many of the world's most famous people and also traveled worldwide to capture other human subjects. As beautifully composed as his figural work, Penn's still lifes form a kind of collective memento mori in their concentration on the ruined and the ephemeral cigarette butts, fragments of objects, fruit pits, chewed gum, and the like. His work has been exhibited at New York's Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery, Washington, D.C., and at the Art Institute of Chicago, which owns his archives. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.