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"Born to Dance Bronze Sculpture 2018 28 in" by J. Anne Butler - Low Number Edition Signed Bronze Sculpture $6,500
Born to Dance Bronze Sculpture 2018 28 in Sculpture by J. Anne Butler
Born to Dance Bronze Sculpture 2018 28 in Sculpture by J. Anne Butler - 0
Born to Dance Bronze Sculpture 2018 28 in Sculpture by J. Anne Butler - 1
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J. Anne Butler

"Born to Dance Bronze Sculpture 2018 28 in"

Hand Signed : Signed By Artist
Condition : Excellent
Purchased from : Private Collector 2018
Story / Additional Info : Born To Dance Bronze Sculptor is the relationship between mother and child, mare and foal timeless in nature yet eternal in impact.
This equine bronze finished in unique bronze patinas based on riven black granite features original poetry by the artist inscribed into the bronze.
Born To Dance is a true combination of ancient and modern.
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
LID : 111785
J. Anne Butler

Art Brokerage: J. Anne Butler European Artist: She is a self taught professional artist for 30 years her extensive previous experience in Europe firstly as a ceramic figurine painter, then as senior sculptor for an international figurine company now stands her in good stead. During that phase of her career she undertook several specialized projects including origination work for Walt Disney, Schmidt and Enesco. Anne also completed a number of realistic portrait sculptures. Her 9 foot high figure of the Lord Mayor of London was a central feature at the annual Lord Mayor's Procession. Leaving the relative security of the corporate world in 1993 Anne created a successful gallery, mail order and wholesale business based on her original ceramic sculptures. Anne also during this time started visiting the USA to exhibit and sell her extraordinary equine artwork. Anne's sculptures and original paintings are currently to be found in two dozen countries and in the collections of Queen Elizabeth II, Sarah the Duchess of York, Patrick Swayze and Bo Derek. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.