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"Untitled (Abstract in Dark Blue And White) 1966 (Early)" by Jack Youngerman - Framed Limited Edition Signed Screenprint $2,500
Untitled (Abstract in Dark Blue And White) 1966 (Early) Limited Edition Print by Jack Youngerman
Untitled (Abstract in Dark Blue And White) 1966 (Early) Limited Edition Print by Jack Youngerman - 0
Untitled (Abstract in Dark Blue And White) 1966 (Early) Limited Edition Print by Jack Youngerman - 1
Untitled (Abstract in Dark Blue And White) 1966 (Early) Limited Edition Print by Jack Youngerman - 2
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Jack Youngerman

"Untitled (Abstract in Dark Blue And White) 1966 (Early)"

  • Limited Edition Print : Screenprint in Colors on Wove Paper

    Size : 32x24 in  |  81x61 cm
    Framed : 37.75x30 in  |  96x76 cm
    Edition : From the edition of 90

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Hand Signed : Signed, Dated, Numbered in White-Colored Pencil on Recto
Condition : Excellent - No condition issues.
Framed with Glass : Vintage Silver Metal Frame
Purchased from : Auction House 2018
Provenance / History : Purchased at auction.
Story / Additional Info : Jack Youngerman's "Untitled" is a bold, graphic screenprint in dark blue and white, in a small edition of 90. This rare early print exemplifies the artist's lifelong investigation of hard-edged geometric abstraction using simplified organic forms.Beautiful pristine condition screenprint. It's rare to find these Jack Youngerman 60's screenprints in this fine condition. A true collector's print.
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
LID : 120712
Jack Youngerman - United States

Art Brokerage: Jack Youngerman American Artist: Jack Youngerman created paintings with the scale of Abstract Expressionism but without that movement's bravura brushwork and emphasis on inner torment. Youngerman then turned his attention to prints, and by end of the 50's he had produced some of the most exuberant images of the period. Like his contemporary paintings, these images are characterized by Youngerman's evocative use of seemingly simple and vibrantly colored shapes. But while the prints relate to his paintings, they are uniquely graphic solutions to his concerns. Early on, Youngerman grasped that print-making has its own vocabulary and its own grammar. Particularly striking is Youngerman's highly effective use of one color to create dynamic tension. In some of his most striking prints from the 1960s Youngerman printed the surrounding background and allowed the figures to emerge from the colored ground as unprinted paper. In fact, the artist seems continually open to the notion that his work is evocative of the natural world, despite the fact that Youngerman doesn't work from nature and bases his forms on images from his imagination. While much of Youngerman's imagery from the period is highly suggestive of natural forms, some of his shapes are far more mysterious in origin. Ultimately, what unites this body of work is Youngerman's uncanny ability to create a form whose very shape seems equal parts familiar and elusive.



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Jack Youngerman

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