"She Likes Tennis - He Likes Golf 1997 3-D" by James Rizzi - Framed Limited Edition Serigraph
She Likes Tennis - He Likes Golf 1997 3-D Limited Edition Print by James Rizzi
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She Likes Tennis - He Likes Golf 1997 3-D Limited Edition Print by James Rizzi - 0
She Likes Tennis - He Likes Golf 1997 3-D Limited Edition Print by James Rizzi - 1
She Likes Tennis - He Likes Golf 1997 3-D Limited Edition Print by James Rizzi - 2
She Likes Tennis - He Likes Golf 1997 3-D Limited Edition Print by James Rizzi - 3
She Likes Tennis - He Likes Golf 1997 3-D Limited Edition Print by James Rizzi - 4
She Likes Tennis - He Likes Golf 1997 3-D Limited Edition Print by James Rizzi - 5

James Rizzi

She Likes Tennis - He Likes Golf 1997 3-D

Limited Edition Print : Serigraph and Art Silkscreen on Paper
Size : 4x5 in  |  10x13 cm
Framed : 7x9 in  |  18x23 cm
Edition : From the Edition of 350

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Hand SignedLower Left in Pencil 

Condition Excellent 

Framed with Plexiglass3d Thick Light Wood Frame With White Background 

Purchased fromGallery 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


James Rizzi - United States

Art Brokerage: James Rizzi American Artist: b. 1950-2011. Born in 1950 New York - At First Glance, James Rizzi's art may easily be mistaken for the early artistic efforts of a young child, this is not an entirely erroneous judgment, for it is certain that Rizzi wants to incorporate the freshness and vitality of children's art in his work. In this regard James Rizzi is not alone. Some of the great artists of the twentieth century, including Klee, Dubuffet and Miro, deliberately used a primitive, childlike style in their mature work. James Rizzi, born and raised in New York, has turned his childlike imagination into artistic powers to transforming the city itself into something wonderfully original. Rizzi's large panorama of Urban life are teeming with energy and life, reflecting all the diversity and human variety that is at the core on New York. There is not "mean" streets but uproariously happy ones, where children jump rope, shoot baskets and walk their dogs. If the sidewalks belong to the young people, grown ups, especially men, are imprisoned inside an army of automobiles. The vehicles are as diverse as and crazily idiosyncratic as the people who drive them. James Rizzi passed away right before New Years 2012.

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