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"Nureyev AP 1973 HS" by Jamie Wyeth - Very Very Well Priced - Hand Signed $2,100
Nureyev AP 1973 HS Limited Edition Print by Jamie Wyeth
Nureyev AP 1973 HS Limited Edition Print by Jamie Wyeth - 0
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Jamie Wyeth

"Nureyev AP 1973 HS"

Hand Signed : Hand signed in pencil
Condition : Mint
Not Framed
Purchased from : Gallery
Story / Additional Info : Purchased directly from Circle Fine Art Corporation in 1973.
Certificate of Authenticity : Circle Fine Art Corporation
LID : 39510
Jamie Wyeth

Art Brokerage: James Browning Wyeth was born on July 6, 1946, in Wilmington, Delaware, just south of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, where he grew up and still lives part of each year. In 1973, the Brandywine River Museum showed 143 portraits by members of the Wyeth family, including painters who had married into it. Jamie Wyeth displayed a recently completed self-portrait, Pumpkinhead - Self Portrait, showing a scarecrow-like body topped with a grinning pumpkin. The Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha held the first full retrospective of his work in the winter of 1975-1976, when more than forty of his drawings, watercolors, and oils were exhibited. He drew further national attention with a show at the Coe-Kerr Gallery in 1976 of the portraits he and the late pop artist Andy Warhol did of one another. Some of Wyeth's one-man exhibitions have included those at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (1980), Greenville Museum of Art, SC (1981), Amon Carter Museum (1981), Anchorage Fine Arts Museum (1983), State Museum, Alaska (1983), Portland Museum of Art (1984), Columbia Museum of Art (1984), Oklahoma Arts Center (1985), Farnsworth Art Museum (1993), Brandywine River Museum (1994) and Decatur House, Washington, DC (1995).