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"Valley Curtain 1970" by Javacheff Christo -
Valley Curtain 1970 Photography by Javacheff Christo
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Valley Curtain 1970 Photography by Javacheff Christo - 0
Valley Curtain 1970 Photography by Javacheff Christo - 1
Valley Curtain 1970 Photography by Javacheff Christo - 2
Valley Curtain 1970 Photography by Javacheff Christo - 3
Valley Curtain 1970 Photography by Javacheff Christo - 4

Valley Curtain 1970

Javacheff Christo

Photography : 5 Dye Transfer Print
Size : 18.5x22.5 in  |  47x57 cm
Framed : 22.5x29.5 in  |  57x75 cm
Edition :

Listing Info
Artist Bio


Hand SignedLower Right And Left in Pen 

Condition Excellent 

Framed with GlassBlack Frame 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Javacheff Christo - United States

Art Brokerage.com: Christo Bulgarian-American Artist: b. 1935-2020. Christo aka Gabrovo as Christo Vladimirov Javacheff. Christo studied in Sofia, Vienna, and Paris. Christo's early experiments in assemblage led to his trademark device of wrapping familiar objects in cloth and other materials, giving them an artificial skin that simultaneously conceals, reveals, and transforms them. Since 1958 he has worked with his wife and artistic partner, Jeanne-Claude (de Guillebon), born in Casablanca, studied Univ. of Tunis. The two artists met in Paris and moved to New York City in 1964. A leading figure in conceptual art, Christo, in collaboration with Jeanne-Claude, has specialized in large-scale temporary outdoor installations. Running Fence (1976), a shimmering fabric curtain, was strung more than 24 mi (39 km) across the rolling California landscape Other projects have included surrounding 11 islands in Florida's Biscayne Bay with floating hot-pink fabric (1983), wrapping the Pont Neuf in Paris (1985), concurrent installations of thousands of 20-ft (6-m) tall umbrellas blue near Tokyo and yellow near Los Angeles (1991), and wrapping Berlin's Reichstag in silvery fabric (1995). On the paths and natural contours of New York City's Central Park the two created (2005) The Gates, a meandering installation of 7,500 saffron-hued rectangular vinyl gates. Each was 16-ft (5-m) tall and hung, to about halfway down, with a pleated nylon panel colored to match, which blew with the wind and shifted color with the changing light. Listings wanted.

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