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"New York Fifth Avenue 2000 37x32" by Jean-Francois Larrieu - Reduced Again

New York Fifth Avenue 2000 37x32



Jean-Francois Larrieu

Original Painting
Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 28.74 x 23.62 in  |  73 x 60 cm

Framed: 37 x 32 in  |  94 x 81 cm

Hand Signed : Signed in Ink
Condition: Excellent
Framed without Glass
Purchased from : Gallery 2000
Provenance : Opera Gallery, NY
Certificate of Authenticity : Opera Gallery
Jean-Francois Larrieu

Art Brokerage: Jean Francois Larrieu French Artist: Through his pictorial expression, French artist Jean-Francois Larrieu is the direct descendant of the painters Paul Klee and Joan Miro, whose visual vocabulary is delectable in order to go beyond the real world and to attain the visual metamorphosis of a universe wherein mankind remains the chief subject of a poetical on-reality. Jean-Francois Larrieu superimposes forms, informed by a joyful multicolored architecture expressed through a vocabulary of multicultural, universal and personal signs and symbols. Through this pictorial language, his landscapes peopled with magical huts, figures and birds, he opens up a pathway towards known and unknown marvels, in which the imaginary is king. Besides being an accomplished painter, Jean-Francois Larrieu is President of the prestigious Salon d'Automne, a Salon that was in the past presided over by such important artists as Rodin, Renoir, Maillol, Hugues, Desvallires, Brayer. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.