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    Art Brokerage: Jean Gorin French Artist: b. 1899-1981. Albert Jean Gorin was a French neoplastic painter and constructive sculptor. He was a disciple of Piet Mondrian, and remained true to the concept of rigid geometricism and use of primary colors, but pushed the limits of neoplasticism by introducing circles and diagonals. He was known for his three-dimensional reliefs. In 1926 Gorin saw for the first time one of Piet Mondrian's neoplastic compositions, and one of Theo van Doesburg's elementarist compositions. He read the pamphlet L’Art et son avenir by Georges Vantongerloo. This led to correspondence with Mondrian and Vantongerloo, and then a meeting with Mondrian the same year, the start of a long friendship. Gorin also met Michel Seuphor, an art critic. Around this time Gorin began painting in the neoplastic style. Gorin's oil on cardboard Composition no. 10 (1926) is an early example of his neoplastic style. It is diamond-shaped, reflecting the influence of Mondrian, and the very thick lines are similar to van Doesburg's work.Gorin exhibited for the first time in April 1928 at Lille with the "S.T.U.C.A.". Others at this show included Mondrian and César Domela. In 1930 Gorin participated in the first exhibition of Seuphor's recently founded the Cercle et Carré group. At the opening of the exhibition he met Jean Arp, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Wassily Kandinsky, Otto Freundlich, Joaquín Torres García and Vantongerloo. Mondrian apparently considered that reliefs were a natural step in the evolution of painting towards architecture. He encouraged Gorin to make reliefs. Gorin began to explore neoplastic architecture and decoration. He created his first neoplastic relief in 1930, and created three-dimensional work for the remainder of the inter-war period. Mondrian praised Gorin's relief work highly, saying it went "further" than he himself had taken painting. In 1931 Gorin was one of the founders of the 1940 association of artists. He exhibited there with Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. He also participated in the new Abstraction-Création group of painters. Listings wanted.

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