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"Grand Tete Ceramic Plate 1950 15 in" by Jean Lurcat - New Listing $1,975
  • Grand Tete  Ceramic Plate 1950 15 in Sculpture by Jean Lurcat
    Grand Tete  Ceramic Plate 1950 15 in Sculpture by Jean Lurcat - 0
    Grand Tete  Ceramic Plate 1950 15 in Sculpture by Jean Lurcat - 1
  • "Grand Tete Ceramic Plate 1950 15 in"


    Jean Lurcat

    Ceramic Plate

    Size: 15.55x15.55 in  |  39x39 cm

    Edition: Not numbered, unknown edition size

    Foundry Signature w/ Stamp : Inscibed Verso (Beneath the Glaze) “J Lurcat Santvicent”
    Condition: Excellent
    Purchased from : Dealer 2019
    Story / Additional Info : Edition: Unknown size. Generally the master copy was reproduced in limited editions of about 25 to 100. Maker: St Vincens Pottery, Perpignon, France. Lurçat visited the pottery and created ceramics under the guidance of the head of the workshop, Gumersind Gomila. Faience jugs, dishes, vases, and tiles were made by the potters and decorated by Lurçat,
    Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
    LID : 134741
    Jean Lurcat

    Art Broekrage: Jean Lurcat French Artist: b. 1892-1966. Jean Lurçat, (born July 1, 1892, Bruyères, Fr.—died Jan. 6, 1966, Saint-Paul, Fr.), French painter and designer who is frequently called the most instrumental figure in reviving the art of designing and weaving tapestries in the 20th century. Although his first tapestries were executed and exhibited in 1917, it was not until 1936 that Lurçat turned from being primarily a painter to designing tapestries. In 1939 he and the painters Toussaint Dubreuil and Marcel Gromaire went to Aubusson, a French town historically associated with tapestry weaving since at least the 16th century, and established a centre for the making of modern tapestries in cooperation with the master weaver François Tabard. Among the most notable of the more than 1,000 tapestries Lurçat designed are the \"Four Seasons\" (1940), the \"Apocalypse Tapestry\" (1948; in the Church of Notre-Dame de Toute-Grâce, Plateau d\'Assy, département of Haute-Savoie, France), and \"The Song of the World\" (1957–64). Lurçat also did set and costume designs for the theatre, ceramics, book illustrations, and lithographs and wrote poetry, as well as books on tapestry. Listings wanted.