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"Blanche 30x48" by Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez - Just Reduced Again
Blanche 30x48 Original Painting by Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez
Blanche 30x48 Original Painting by Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez - 0
Blanche 30x48 Original Painting by Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez - 1
Blanche 30x48 Original Painting by Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez - 2
Blanche 30x48 Original Painting by Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez - 3

Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez

"Blanche 30x48"

Hand Signed
Condition : Excellent
Framed without Glass : Ornate gold wood frame
Story / Additional Info : Purchased in 2001, shortly after the artist immigrated to America.
Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
LID : 15451
Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez - France

Art Brokerage; Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez French Artist: b. 1952. Born in a village in Brittany in the west of France, artist Jean-Paul Loppo Martinez artistic ability circumvents the traditional. From the time Martinez' young hands could hold a writing implement Martinez was creating art. His mother enrolled him in an art school at the age of seven, and five years later he enrolled himself into the Fine Arts School of Versailles. At the age of 16 he was accepted to the Estienne School of Artistic and Industrial Graphics in Paris, and found his niche in engraving. Under the direction of engraver and former director of the Maeght studios Robert Dutrou, Martinez found himself inspired and in the presence of greatness. Working with some of the fine names in art Miro, Tapies, Adami, and Max Pappart among many others, it didn't take long before Martinez had easily established himself as an acclaimed engraver and artist. Driven to discover, he also found success as a musician, producer and scriptwriter, living by the self-proclaimed philosophy that an artist need to possess not only cultural, but also creative maturity. But it wasn't until Martinez met his partner in life and art, Cecile, in his early forties that his true breakthrough in creative maturity transpired, and his philosophy and love of life could truly be expressed in his art. In 1996 freshly inspired, Martinez began working with Cliff Kiyohara in Japan and quickly thereafter was able to present his works as paintings, fashion designs and accessories, drawings, art books and furniture. Through his diversity Martinez now finds his creative desires fulfilled in the world of paintings, fashion and furniture. Through a life long passion for the theme of the woman, the passage from design on canvas has bridged into design of accessories. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.