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"Temple Dancer Original 2004 24x24" by Jia Lu - Original Oil on Canvas $5,995
Temple Dancer Original 2004 24x24 Original Painting by Jia Lu
Temple Dancer Original 2004 24x24 Original Painting by Jia Lu - 0
Temple Dancer Original 2004 24x24 Original Painting by Jia Lu - 1
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Jia Lu

"Temple Dancer Original 2004 24x24"

Hand SignedLower Right 
Condition Excellent 
Purchased fromOther 2005 
Provenance / HistoryPurchased from Tabora Art Gallery in Hawaii 
Certificate of AuthenticityTabora Gallery 
Jia Lu - China

Art Brokerage: Jia Lu Chinese Artist: B. 1954. Painting since she was three, Jia Lu painted her way through her tender years, through the navy, through her emigration abroad, right through to fame. Her paintings eventually created a world that escapes classification. No matter who comes across them, her paintings make all catch their breath and turns every face into an expression of wonder. Jia Lu was born in March 1954 in Beijing. Graduated from the Central Academy of Art and Design Special Arts Department in Beijing and York University Faculty of Visual Arts in Canada. Before leaving China she worked as a nurse, film projectionist, athelete, film actress, art editor, etc. In 1983 she pursued further education in Canada and later taught at Lambton College. Jia Lu has participated in over 50 exhibitions in the U.S., Japan and Canada. In 1990 she worked as Researcher and Chief Designer for the Tang Culture Research Institute and created the world's largest, most valuable and influential mural design at 700 sq. m. over the course of several months. Between 1985 and 1994 Jia Lu's ink paintings and Buddhist designs were exhibited at three provincial level art museums in Canada bringing widespread attention to her work. Jia Lu's work became a highlight of the 1997 and 1998 ArtExpo. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.