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"Springs Caress 2003 49x29 - Huge" by Jim Rabby - 🔥Huge Framed Oil on Linen - Inquire - a Steal
Springs Caress 2003 49x29 - Huge Original Painting by Jim Rabby
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Springs Caress 2003 49x29 - Huge Original Painting by Jim Rabby - 0
Springs Caress 2003 49x29 - Huge Original Painting by Jim Rabby - 1
Springs Caress 2003 49x29 - Huge Original Painting by Jim Rabby - 2
Springs Caress 2003 49x29 - Huge Original Painting by Jim Rabby - 3
Springs Caress 2003 49x29 - Huge Original Painting by Jim Rabby - 4
Springs Caress 2003 49x29 - Huge Original Painting by Jim Rabby - 5
Springs Caress 2003 49x29 - Huge Original Painting by Jim Rabby - 6

Jim Rabby

Springs Caress 2003 49x29 - Huge

Original Painting : Pallate Knife Oil on Linen
Size : 36x16 in  |  91x41 cm
Framed : 48.5x28.5 in  |  123x72 cm

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Hand Signed Lower Right and on Verso 

Condition Excellent 

Framed without GlassGold and Silver Frame w/ White Mat  

Purchased fromGallery 2003 

Provenance / HistoryPurchased from Jim Rabby Gallery, 734 Dunlap Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico on August 12, 2003 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Jim Rabby - United States

Art Brokerage: Jim Rabby American Artist: Jim Rabby has developed a style that embodies his personality and the response to his paintings has been as positive as the man painting them. I picture myself like a race car, going down a winding road as fast as I can go, he says of his painting process. it's an adventure, trusting trust. I hang on and have a great time. The painting just races along it's simply synaptic and calling for what it's calling for, certainly faster than I can think. At the age of nine months, Rabby contracted polio. Rabby considers it the single, most powerful, positive event in his life. Raised in Houston, Texas, Jim's incredibly formative time as a youth was spent in and out of charity hospitals. Rabby had operations all through the fifties: the drugs given with those operations had a deep influence. Jim started painting in the back room of his parents' art supply and frame shop. At the age of nine, Jim had a profound vision that he was a sculptor who was going to be painting. Jim felt that if he gave it everything he could possibly muster, every resource, he could accomplish doing some really great art work. Rabby studied economics at the University of Houston, painting to put himself through school. Inspired by Picasso whom Jim believes lived in voracious curiosity; Jim experimented with many styles and mediums, from painting exotic dancers on stage to portraying sporting events. His reputation grew and soon his work was exhibited in major museums and corporate headquarters throughout the country, such as IBM, Honeywell, General Motors and Coca-Cola. Lyndon Johnson, whom Jim spent a day with in 1972, joined his list of private collectors, which also includes Johnny Carson, Jimmy Connors and H.L. Hunt among others. In the early seventies Jim opened The Westheimer Gallery. Rabby exhibited his work exclusively and painted in his studio on the third floor. Rabby also maintained a studio in beautiful San Miguel de Allende. Rabby painted voraciously in both of his studios. At once outrageous, insightful, playful, thoughtful, creative, passionate, original, imaginative, unassuming, resourceful, courageous and charming, it is no wonder Jim Rabby has captured the hearts of collectors throughout the world. Listings wanted.

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Wanted: Jim Rabby

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas


Wanted: Jim Rabby

Original Painting: Acrylic on Canvas


Wanted: Jim Rabby

Limited Edition Print: All mediums


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