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"Fatal Attraction" by Joanna Zjawinska - Reduced $1,800
Fatal Attraction Limited Edition Print by Joanna Zjawinska
Fatal Attraction Limited Edition Print by Joanna Zjawinska - 0

Joanna Zjawinska

"Fatal Attraction"

Hand Signed : Signed on Lower Right - Numbered on Lower Left
Condition : Excellent
Not Framed
Purchased from : Gallery 1987
Provenance / History : Seller purchased it at Hanson Gallery in Sausalito, CA.
Story / Additional Info : If you divide the woman in the painting's face, you'll see half is quite beautiful and half is quite hideous. I believe this was Zjawinska's intent as she knows we are drawn to both beauty and danger and even from the hideous, we have a hard time looking away. As enticing as the woman in the painting is, it's perfectly titled, "Fatal Attraction". After 29 years, parting with her is such sweet sorrow.
Certificate of Authenticity : Hanson Gallery Fine Art
LID : 96541
Joanna Zjawinska

Art Brokerage: Joanna Zjawinska Polish Artist: Joanna Zjawinska is passionate about her work, her life, her family, her homeland, and the United States her adopted home. Passion is the key to Zjawinska's art, and, in equal measure, her art has incited passion in the hearts of her viewing audience. Her life has been operatic in scope, just as Joanna's work is operatic in substance. In Zjawinka's paintings and prints, hints of impressionism, expressionism, and art nouveau are evident within a style that is wholly her own. These influences, coupled with her love for the world of fashion design, color her work but do not define it. Zjawinska imbues each image with a sense of theater. Joanna Zjawinska creates a world of glittering elegance where the people moving within the frame are chic, beautiful and dressed to the proverbial nines. It is world of aristocratic souls, who may or may not give in to base instinct. Then, there is the voyeuristic aspect of Joanna Zjawinkas' images. The viewer feels like an observer who happens upon a private scene and is privy to the secrets of those involved. Therein unfolds the stories within Zjawinska's images. Since Joanna offers considerable room for interpretation, the conclusions to the stories laid out in her paintings and prints are left for the viewer to determine. Art Brokerage is a major secondary market source for Joanna Zjawinska original paintings and prints. Art Brokerage can arrange a private commission for you.