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"Returning Bronze Sculpture 24 in" by John Richen - Well Priced $3,200
Returning Bronze  Sculpture 24 in Sculpture by John Richen
Returning Bronze  Sculpture 24 in Sculpture by John Richen - 0
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John Richen

"Returning Bronze Sculpture 24 in"

Not SignedFoundry Proof 
Condition Excellent 
Purchased fromGallery 2000 
Provenance / HistoryLawrence Gallery  
Story / Additional Info  
Certificate of AuthenticityJohn Richen 
John Richen - United States

Art Brokerage: John Matthew Richen American Artist and Sculptor: John Matthew Richen has been a professional sculptor since graduating from Oregon State University in 1970. His expertise in metal fabrication brought him immediate acknowledgement from the international art world. In the late 90's he designed his studio in Borrego Springs, California, a small peaceful community that provides year-round work conditions and inspiration from the desert landscape. In addition to bronze, stainless steel and aluminum, this innovative sculptor also incorporates Cor-ten steel, granite, fused glass, water and lighting into selected works. Motion, light and spirit are the driving forces behind each sculptural project. Site-specific opportunities always have a setting but the preferred projects for John Richen are those that have ideas and meaning that can be integrated into the composition providing an intellectual connection with the observer or perhaps a moment of beauty and reflection. Bronze, stainless and aluminum all have unique qualities that support any scale and scope of work. The medium of metal is fluid, light responsive and timeless.