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"Portrait of Egon Schiele 1997 13x13" by Jonathan Santlofer - 🔥Framed Mixed Media
Portrait of Egon Schiele 1997 13x13 Works on Paper (not prints) by Jonathan Santlofer
Enlarge Photo View in Room
Portrait of Egon Schiele 1997 13x13 Works on Paper (not prints) by Jonathan Santlofer - 0
Portrait of Egon Schiele 1997 13x13 Works on Paper (not prints) by Jonathan Santlofer - 1
Portrait of Egon Schiele 1997 13x13 Works on Paper (not prints) by Jonathan Santlofer - 2
Portrait of Egon Schiele 1997 13x13 Works on Paper (not prints) by Jonathan Santlofer - 3
Portrait of Egon Schiele 1997 13x13 Works on Paper (not prints) by Jonathan Santlofer - 4

Portrait of Egon Schiele 1997 13x13

Jonathan Santlofer

Works on Paper (not prints) : Mixed Media on Paper
Size : 11.75x11.75 in  |  30x30 cm
Framed : 13.38x13.38 in  |  34x34 cm

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Hand SignedLower Right in Pencil 

Condition Excellent 

Framed with PlexiglassNatural Wood Frame 

Purchased fromAuction House 2013 

Provenance / HistoryThe Schiele portrait, which Santlofer created in 1997, was originally sold by Jim Kempner Fine Arts in New York city. It was then auctioned off in 2013 by Freemans auction house in Philadelphia. 

Certificate of AuthenticityArt Brokerage 


Jonathan Santlofer - United States

Art Brokerage: Jonathan Santlofer American Artist: b. 1946. In the early 1980s, Jonathan Santlofer began painting vibrantly colored and dramatic abstract works said to resemble idealized human organs. However, since the 1990s, he is more known for his figurative, sometimes naughty, depictions of art-historical, political, and pop culture icons and for penning murder mysteries set in the New York art world. His signature use of trompe l'oeil and montage characterize "Scrapbook", an ongoing series of pencil drawings and works on paper revisiting culturally momentous events—the Kennedy assassination, for instance—of the 20th and 21st centuries. He has also produced a drawing series of re-creations of works by artists labeled "degenerates," such as Wassily Kandinsky, who were banned by the Nazis; these "faux prints" evoke German Expressionist woodcuts or etchings. Santlofer admires Marcel Duchamp for moving beyond painting to question the nature of art itself, and echoes his mix of intelligence and playfulness. Listings wanted.

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