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"Anointing (Relic Series) 2014 73x49" by Jose Cabrera - Huge - Reduced
  • Anointing  (Relic Series) 2014 73x49 Original Painting by Jose Cabrera
    Anointing  (Relic Series) 2014 73x49 Original Painting by Jose Cabrera - 0
    Anointing  (Relic Series) 2014 73x49 Original Painting by Jose Cabrera - 1
  • "Anointing (Relic Series) 2014 73x49"


    Jose Cabrera

    Original Painting
    Mixed Media And Oil on Belgian Linen

    Size: 73x49 in  |  185x124 cm

    Hand Signed : Ink on Back of Canvas
    Condition: Excellent
    Not Framed
    Purchased from : Other
    Certificate of Authenticity : Art Brokerage
    LID : 107883
    Jose Cabrera

    Art Brokerage: Jose Cabrera Guatemalan Artist: b. 1984. Jose Luis Cabrera is a contemporary visual artist born in Guatemala. He grew up in the suburbs of Miami, Florida where his interest in the arts began at a very young age. Captivated by the way older friends could replicate cartoons and comics figures. Then he began painting after viewing the paintings of Dali, Picasso, others modern masters along side contemporary styles like street art culture and conceptual art. Since then he has continued to explore the possibilities in art. In Cabrera's paintings, sculptures, films and site specific installations he transforms traditions, by merging art history technique and his personal memories creating ethereal images. His training as a fine artist In Chicago conceptual scene and subsequent time spent studying in Italy, has given him keen awareness of the poetics of production and principals of design. His work plays found images, personal photographs, and Internet imagery. The Impasto and visceral surfaces of Jose Cabrera ’s canvases explore the tactile physicality and sensational associations of oil paint. Using the thin, dried layers formed by pouring oil paint in globs or puddles and then collage them on to the canvas. Cabrera creates works whose subject and surfaces undulate and radiate, decorating them with dense textures. He also used the extensive range of mixed media materials with multi- techniques to create seamless works of art. Listings wanted.

  • Allure of the Living Words  2015 68x48 Original Painting by Jose Cabrera

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