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"Guilty of Art - Salvador Dali 59x47" by Julien Durix - Just Reduced Again

Guilty of Art - Salvador Dali 59x47


Julien Durix

Original Painting
Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 59.06 x 47.24 x 0.00 in  |  150 x 120 x 0 cm

Framed: 59.06 x 47.24 in  |  150 x 120 cm

Hand Signed : Lower Right Signature in Paint
Condition: Excellent
Framed without Glass : Wood Frame
Purchased from : Gallery 2016
Certificate of Authenticity : Certificat d\'Authenticite - Bartoux Galeries
Julien Durix

Art Brokerage: Julien Durix French Artist: Born in 1991 in Vichy, Julien Durix paints since 2012. After two years of art school, he dedicates himself to a very personal work, depicting the characters of his childhood dreams. His canvases depict these heroes, as Durix paints as he breaths. In his powerful works, superheroes take us into an imaginary world. Each of his works tells a story: Superman and the Mona Lisa are in a relationship, as well as Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn. Mickey wants to conquer the world to spread his love message. Julien Durix has fun when he mixes ages and characters to show as these heroes' vision of today's world. In his canvases, the only things that matter are tenderness and poetry. in his acrylic paintings he doesn't use collage or prints. The precision of his brush strokes sets colors free and highlights the figures. Julien Durix's inexhaustible inspiration and his impeccable technique make him a worthy successor of Pop Art. Listings wanted.