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"Big Red Cat 2013 36x48" by L.A. II Little Angel - Reduced

Big Red Cat 2013 36x48



L.A. II Little Angel

Original Painting
Brush, Oil Markers

Size: 36 x 48 in  |  91 x 122 cm

Hand Signed : Back of Canvas
Condition: Excellent
Not Framed
Purchased from : Private Collector
Certificate of Authenticity : Angel Ortiz
L.A. II Little Angel

Art Brokerage: Little Angel American Artist: b. 1966. Angel Ortiz (born Manhattan, 1966) grew up on the Lower East Side. As a teenager, he met the artist Keith Haring, who showed interest in his tagging style. The two became fast friends, and sensing an artistic compatibility, they began painting together. LAII's unique intertwining lines intermingled with Haring's markings to create a dense and kinetic surface. Early in their collaboration, LAII (short for "Little Angel") and Haring had joint exhibitions at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery (1982) and Fun Gallery (1983). For almost a decade they worked together on artistic projects, including wall murals, sculptures, canvases, and other painted objects. Their collaborations are still shown in museums worldwide. Following Haring's death in 1990 LAII continued his own artistic pursuits; to this day he makes work utilizing his distinctive tag and a trademark style of inky curving squiggles. Listings wanted.

  • Original Painting
    Oil Markers on Poster

    New Price
  • Original Painting
    Spray Enamel And Paint Marker on Canvas

    $2,200 Very Well Priced
  • Original Painting
    Brush, Spray Paint., Oil Markers

    New Listing
  • Sculpture
    Spray Paint And Oil Markers

    Price On Request OBO
  • Sculpture
    Spray Paint And Oil Markers