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"Promise 30x36" by Lauri Blank - Framed Oil on Canvas $6,200
Promise 30x36 Original Painting by Lauri Blank
Promise 30x36 Original Painting by Lauri Blank - 0
Promise 30x36 Original Painting by Lauri Blank - 1
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Lauri Blank

"Promise 30x36"

Hand Signed 
Condition Excellent 
Framed without Glass 
Purchased fromGallery 2009 
Provenance / HistoryGallerie Di Sorrento 
Story / Additional InfoGallerie Di Sorrento 
Certificate of AuthenticityGallerie Di Sorrento 
Lauri Blank - United States

Art Brokerage: Lauri Blank American Artist: At 12 years old, Lauri Blank was honored by The Norton Museum of Art who included her three-dimensional painting of a young woman aging slowly in their prestigious national exhibition. Later her talents were recognized by patrons in Washington D.C. and the Miami area, where she accepted numerous important commissions. And then in 1999, Lauri's career would take a different turn, one that resembled one of the masters she studied for most of her life. Lauri Blank was commissioned to paint the ceiling of an 18th century church in Old Montreal. For months, the artist worked day and night painting the Cathedral's ceiling while standing on scaffolding that had a five-story drop onto the marble floor below. Blank received national coverage within Architectural Digest and her Old Montreal Cathedral work was featured on HGTV. She has been called "The Ft. Lauderdale areas own Michelangelo". Blank's work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the nation. She receives frequent media attention and has appeared on numerous magazine covers throughout the Miami area. In 2002, Blank was selected as the artist for the 2002 Grammy Awards. Listings wanted by Art Brokerage.