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"Women in Red 1990" by Lea Avizedek - Huge Framed Limited Edition Serigraph $2,500
Women in Red 1990 Limited Edition Print by Lea Avizedek
Women in Red 1990 Limited Edition Print by Lea Avizedek - 0
Women in Red 1990 Limited Edition Print by Lea Avizedek - 1
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Lea Avizedek

"Women in Red 1990"

Hand Signed : Lower Right
Condition : Excellent
Framed with Glass : Gold Wood
Purchased from : Gallery 1995
Certificate of Authenticity : Dyansen Gallery, New York
LID : 87689
Lea Avizedek

Art Brokerage: Lea Avizedek Jerusalem Artist: Lea Avizedek was born in Jerusalem and is descendant of an orthodox family firmly rooted in Israel during five generations. She received her formal art training at several institutions including the notable Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem and the school of drawing in Tel Aviv. Her talent was recognized at an early age. The simple sketches that she drew were compared to the works of post-impressionist Toulouse Lautrec, with their simplicity of few lines and bold and colorful silhouettes. The central theme of Avizedek's works is the female form. Her women appear in either a solitary pose of tranquility and reflection or in the social interaction of a group. Varying combinations of chalk or pencil, acrylic or watercolor are applied loosely, and are finally painted or stenciled. A combination of bold, heavies smear with light sketches then create a dense and multi-textured surface. Her works have been acclaimed at her many exhibitions in worldwide museums and galleries. Such recognition is justified by the vibrancy and skill with which she continues and develops the exploration of her chosen subjects. Listings wanted.