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Blue Noir 1987 32x40


"Blue Noir 1987 32x40"

Original Painting: Acrylic With Texture

Size: 28 x 36 in  | 71 x 91 cm
Framed without Glass - Narow Matte And Wood Frame
Hand Signed: Lower Right With Artist's Signature And Chop
Rare Well Priced Painting
Les Barques 25x29


"Les Barques 25x29"

Original Painting: Oil on Canvas

Size: 21 x 25 in  | 53 x 64 cm
Framed without Glass
Hand Signed: Lower Right
Well Priced! Motivated Seller
Untitled Abstract Painting


"Untitled Abstract Painting"

Original Painting: Acrylic on Paper

Size: 26 x 39 in  | 66 x 99 cm
Framed with Plexiglass - Shiny Black Finish - 2 Wide
Hand Signed: Lower Right in Pen (Broadstroke)
Price on Request
Untitled Watercolor 1988 38x30


"Untitled Watercolor 1988 38x30"

Watercolor: Watercolor on Canvas

Size: 38 x 30 in  | 97 x 76 cm
Framed without Glass - Silver Cap Frame
Hand Signed: Lower Right
New Watercolor - Artist passed 2015
Untitled (Two Gondolas) 1962 35x26


"Untitled (Two Gondolas) 1962 35x26"

Original Painting: Gouche on Paper

Size: 24 x 18 in  | 61 x 46 cm
Framed with Glass
Hand Signed: Lower Right
Steal This!
Man in Landscape 18x24


"Man in Landscape 18x24"

Original Painting: Oil on Masonite

Size: 17 x 23 in  | 43 x 58 cm
Framed without Glass - Frame is original
Hand Signed: Signed by the artist lower left
Very Well Priced - Just Reduced
Branches in Blue Watercolor 1983 48x40


"Branches in Blue Watercolor 1983 48x40"

Watercolor: Watercolor on Paper

Size: 38 x 30 in  | 97 x 76 cm
Framed with Glass - Lower Right, Hand Signed And His Stamp
Hand Signed: Lower Right, Hand Signed And His Stamp
Fabulous! Well Priced
Untitled Early Watercolor 1978 31x39


"Untitled Early Watercolor 1978 31x39"

Watercolor: Watercolor on Paper

Size: 22 x 30 in  | 56 x 76 cm
Framed with Glass - Brushed Aluminum Frame
Hand Signed: Lebadang Signature, With Red Chop/Icon
Verry Well Priced
Composition Collage Watercolor 1985 27x27


"Composition Collage Watercolor 1985 27x27"

Original Painting: Bas Relief And Watercolor

Size: 20 x 20 in  | 51 x 51 cm
Framed with Plexiglass - Silver Metal With Plexiglass
Hand Signed: Lower Right Black Ink
Just Reduced